Only 16% of Advisors Have Had This Conversation With Their Clients…
According To An Industry Study: 68% Of Clients Want Your Help With Long Term Care! But only 16% of advisors have had this conversation with them. 

Don’t risk your client relationships, to eager competitors looking to poach your clients. This is a must-have conversation to protect your clients and unlock new opportunities.
Date: May 21st
Time: 2:00 PM CT


     One-time registration for the webinar includes enrollment in the monthly series.
    I know what you may be thinking…

       • Going through underwriting is always a huge hassle for me and my client…
       • It’s a waste of my time because too many applications are declined…
       LTC is too expensive…
       • I don’t know enough about long term case to feel confident presenting an LTC solution…

    What if there were a simple, cost effective, easy to sell product, built on an annuity chassis…that could change all of that?

    The May episode of the Life & Annuity Product Academy reveals a highly competitive and top-selling FIA with an robust twist…a powerful LTC benefit that rivals the benefits available on more traditional asset based life insurance LTC products.

    This unique FIA has carved out a leading position in the market because of its simplicity, 100% acceptance rate (even if your client has been declined for other LTC products), cash indemnity benefits and competitive compensation. Discover why ECA Marketing’s internal wholesalers feel this “go to” FIA has the right combination of valuable features your clients and prospects want to own.

    This episode of ECA’s Life and Annuity Product Academy, finishes with a no brainer sales opportunity for clients with highly appreciated annuities. Bank on a flood of new sales in your pipeline, helping your clients potentially wipe out taxes on their non-qualified annuity, this is a sales idea that will open the door to new conversations with existing clients and prospects looking for the powerful combination of LTC benefits and potential for an unrivaled tax saving opportunity.
    Here are the top benefits of joining the virtual Life and Annuity Academy:
    • Stay Ahead of the Crowd: Each month, our seasoned crew of expert life and annuity wholesalers selects the most coveted and lucrative products available in the market. You'll bid farewell to second-guessing and hello to expert guidance, ensuring you're always steps ahead of the competition
    • ​Masterful Sales Strategies: Learn the art of strategically positioning these products for winning sales. Discover the markets where they shine brightest and gain an arsenal of innovative sales tactics to seize the treasures that await.
    • ​Expand Your Portfolio: Every month, a new carrier and product take center stage, enabling you to broaden your arsenal of solutions and solidify your position as the ultimate product authority your clients yearn for. Don't just tread water – sail on the cutting edge of product trends!
    The best part? You can access this invaluable training from the comfort of your home or office. And in case you miss the tide, our treasure trove of archived webinars is your reference for all the wisdom you require.

    End the uncertainty and embark on a voyage to market domination, enriched with the knowledge and strategies you'll gain from our series. This is your chance to become the respected master of your domain.

    Don't delay – secure your spot in the Life and Annuity Product Academy now, and let's set sail towards lasting success. Your clients will hail you as their guiding star.
    The Life & Annuity Product Academy Is Hosted By:

    Joe Spillman | President of ECA Marketing

    Joe is a dynamic and approachable leader that blazed a trail for ECA Marketing, leading the firm to explosive, organic growth, more than tripling sales since he became President of the firm in 2011. 

    His humble beginnings were back in 1999 as an entry-level annuity marketing consultant, and through an unmatched work ethic, determination, and talent, he set sales records as the leading marketer in the firm.

    Joe is an integral part of direct marketing initiatives, product development, and operations. He maintains an active role in mentoring new marketers and the ECA Life and Annuity teams. Joe’s extensive annuity expertise centers around product selection for complex estate and retirement plans and makes it his goal to design solutions that significantly increase the client's return on their investments. 

    Joe has been a featured speaker at numerous industry and agent events throughout the country. He has addressed thousands of agents on positioning sales and marketing ideas. He also sits on advisory boards with multiple top annuity companies and industry advocates.

    Jeffrey Thompson | Vice President of Life Sales & Marketing at ECA Marketing


    Holder of multiple industry designations and co-developer of the 7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough Marketing System. Jeffrey is a sales trainer, and marketing consultant, to ECA Marketing's Top Life Insurance Producers. He has helped numerous agents reach the MDRT "Top Of The Table", most for the first time in their careers.

    Always keeping close to the retail market he has been a part-time independent agent since 2002, and a wholesaler in the life insurance industry for the last 25 years. He is the creator and co-host of 7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough Podcast a sales & marketing podcast for advanced markets life agents. Jeffrey is a record-setting salesperson leading the company he worked for at the time (and the industry) by closing nearly $350 million of life settlement business in just over 12 months. 

    As the leader of ECA Marketing Life, he has driven the growth of the division to record sales in each of the last 6 years. He has a unique ability to discover novel, outside-the-box strategies in the advanced markets arena, helping agents to open new opportunities with existing clients, attract new prospects, and differentiate themselves in competitive markets.


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